Branding 101, Grasp the Essentials

Branding is more than just a logo and graphical representations on your website or social media handles. It is how your customers or people that interact with your brand perceive you or your brand. This is not something that is built overnight rather takes time to build with the hopes of building lasting impressions in the minds of consumers.

It is mandatory to take time to build a strong brand that can even outlive you. Having a brand strategy can be the first place to start and this can be done in-house or outsourced to an agency.

So why is it important to brand your business?

Promotes recognition

A strong brand starts by having a logo, and not just a random logo but one that is memorable. Once people start familiarizing themselves with your logo and get to notice it in your marketing materials or even your website, it builds up a sense of familiarity and hence recognition. People begin to feel confident with your brand and that can translate to positive action toward your business. 

Branding can generate new customers, referrals, or new revenue

When your business starts being recognizable to the people, and the cohesiveness of the branding can be seen throughout your social media handles, merchandise, or your website, this could promote more people interacting with your business. The people buying from you can eventually become your brand ambassadors through word of mouth or even referrals which translates to more revenue for the business. People love being associated with businesses that look like they are put together.

I will only refer to a business that I remember its name because of its memorable logo, what happens when your business isn’t even memorable to your target audience?

Builds trust

Branding presents your business as a legit entity. If it is presented professionally, customers will be interested in the brand. As long as people can see and feel that your business is legitimate and authentic, they can trust you.

Creates motivation for your staff

Branding gives clarity to the people that work in the business. with a clear understanding of the mission and vision statement of the business, employees feel proud and confident about where they work and this in turn gives them a sense of direction. This pushes them towards wanting to be a part of your business journey through achieving the business goals.

Increases the business value 

Branding is an intangible asset. It sets you apart from your competitors. With branding your perceived value by customers increases. That is why companies like Safaricom, Coca-Cola, Toyota, etc., are always perceived to be top brands compared to those that could venture into the same line of work but lack branding.

It is because of something as simple as branding that elevates their image and value.


Branding should be mandatory if you would like to set yourself apart from others. It brings more advantages to your business once adopted. Through our design division at Noma creatives, we can help your business create a strong brand in the market. Through our 360 brand solutions, you are guaranteed to stand out in the crowd.

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