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Mass Group Digital Strategy

Mass is a leading Fuel Chain in Coast Province and a promising player in Kenya’s Energy sector.

It has been in existence for close to two decades, offering Authentic Fuel on the premises of Quality, Value & Service.

Sprucing up Qwetu's social media

Qwetu Sacco is a reputable and progressive microfinance institution nationally.

It has been in existence for over 50 years offering competitive financial products. 

TTWCA Pro Publishing projects

TTWCA is a dominant player in Kenya’s wildlife and environmental conservation agenda with a special focus on the extensive Tsavo landscape. 

Under their watch, it guides nearly 30 conservancies on sustainable natural resource management practices. 

BE- Energy Petrozen Commercials

BE-Energy Petrozen is a stop-over station along the Msa-NBO highway popular for its multipurpose service to motorists and residents alike.

Categorically, it houses the Fuel Station, the Benefit Minimart and the Tamrah Café.

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