Go Social. Period! How social is your brand?

In this day and era where 4.2 billion of the population worldwide is online, a social media presence for your business is a must-have. Social Media Marketing provides an amazing opportunity for brands to leverage the digital audience and reach hundreds if not thousands of potential and new customers.

So why is Social Media Marketing important for your business?

  1. To increase your business brand awareness

Being offline alone is not enough to get your business out there; this is where social media marketing helps. With an online presence, where you share your products or services and your brand’s story, more people get to know and interact with your business, increasing your brand’s visibility.

Setting up social media accounts on all platforms is free. This will enable you to reach a wider audience in a short period. The more your brand is seen, the higher the chance of people purchasing from you.

  • Positions your brand as a thought leader

Customers love to have the feeling that the brand they are interacting with understands and knows what they are selling or offering. Social media marketing gives your brand the chance to position itself as an expert in that specific industry. As long as your brand presents itself as a guide, customers will follow because they believe you know what you are doing.

By providing solutions to your customer’s problems in the best way possible either through your product/ service offering, or sharing how-to videos or infographics that explain the use of something, customers will be endeared to your brand and hence rely on your brand for guidance.

  • Generate leads

Social media marketing allows your brand to advertise to thousands of people on the internet. Through regular and consistent posting and interacting with people who engage with your brand in the most humanly possible way, customers can easily show interest in your brand.

The show of interest by one too many customers gives you a chance to pursue them as leads hence turning them into regular and loyal users of your products/ service.

  • Build authenticity

When your business/ brand constantly engages with the audience, posts consistently, and has customers sharing positive stories and experiences with your brand, trust is built with your potential customers. This way your brand comes off as authentic.

If more people positively talk about your business/brand, it creates an impression that your brand can be trusted and is dependable to new and potential customers.

  • Stay on top of the minds of people/potential customers

People log in to their social media accounts many times a day. With a strong, authentic social media presence, new and potential customers meet your brand each time they interact on their socials. This alone is enough to have your brand etched at the back of their minds.

Additionally, when you push content that is relevant, original, and serves the greater good of the persons interacting with it, whenever they encounter a problem, your brand will be their go-to place to get the solution.


Adopting social media marketing is not just a trend for a business but a tool, when used well can grow your audience and boost your brand sales.

Here at Noma creatives through our digital division, we help brands create and build their brand’s authentic digital life in the best way possible to capture the market and attract both new and potential customers. 

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