Building a Strong Brand Identity

There are brands etched in consumers’ minds they always come top whenever a buying decision is made.

Why is that the case? You may ask.

Simple! They have built a strong brand identity and thus have gained the trust of the masses, automatically positioning themselves as the go-to brand.

Think of brand identity as your business personality.

On top of that great product and quality service, you ought to pay attention to how you identify with the clients.

Off-head, we trust you can mention some brands that effortlessly represent their industries or rather they easily stand out because of their strong brand identity.

Think The Coca-Cola’s, Safaricom, Nike, Jumia, among other select-few.

How about these nuggets as effort on your way there?

  1. Identity Audit

Consider a thorough industry research on how best to represent yourself and how best to connect with your potential target audience visually.

There is no harm reviewing what your competitors or model brands represent or how they do it and commit to distinguish yourself.

If you cannot do it internally, consider an agency that can help you with the identity audit, implementation and positioning.

  • Define your brand personality

How do customers or how does your target audience feel whenever they engage with your product or service? What emotion is evoked when they interact with your brand? Defining your brand’s personality will help your business easily connect with the target audience.

Do they feel at home, and understood, or does it minimize confusion when customers interact with your brand?

Coca-Cola over time has created a sense of magic by incorporating the aspect of family and friends whenever they share a Coke. They sell you a feeling, they want you to feel through every sip or gulp of Coke.

Commit to building a lasting brand personality.

  • Develop and implement a brand strategy

A professional brand strategy well executed will guarantee brand awareness, growth and market strength consequently cementing your identity.

Other fundamentals include, consistent brand identity materials, an active digital and social media presence, and quality engagement and interactions with the audience.


A strong brand identity will help your business stand out, build a long-lasting trustworthy relationship with the target audience, and at the same time guarantee continuity of the brand.

At Noma creatives we help you build and define your brand over time through development and execution of strong brand strategies.

Sample some aspects of our 360 degree branding implementations.

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