What is content marketing? Definition and common types

Why do you think Safaricom is always the first choice for almost everyone when they lay their hands on their 1st phones? Storytelling, yes you heard that right. They have leveraged on the power of storytelling through their posts, videos, and offerings. That is why you are hooked.

Their content is what drives you to make that buying decision.

So, what is content marketing?

This is a long-term digital strategy that aims to grab the attention of your target audience while at the same time creating interest in your brand. Mostly through creating and delivering high-quality content that resonates, relates, educates and ultimately sells to your target audience.

Your brand should share content that is valuable so that prospective clients can think of you whenever they need their problem solved.

It is the content you generate that can help your brand build authority in your industry.

Content marketing includes; blog posts, infographics, e-books, and short and long-form videos.

Additionally, content marketing not only introduces customers to your brand but also helps in building trust and improving the experience they are likely to have when they interact with your brand.

Here are some forms or common types of content marketing

Blog posts

Articles and blogs are the most common types of content marketing. A brand can write articles about who they are, what they do, their offering and so much more. The more they generate high-quality blog posts, the higher their chances are for ranking on SEO and building trust with their target audience.

Email Marketing

I bet you have come across promotional and offers emails in your inbox. This is what we call email marketing and most brands use email marketing for promos, sales, offers and to share information about their brand.

When customers sign up for your company’s email list, they are allowing you to share content with them that could be beneficial and useful to them.

Videos and podcasts

With the introduction of shorts, reels and TikTok, videos have now gained more popularity in sending and communicating your brand’s message to your target audience.

Brands have realized the importance of sharing what they offer or in other words, storytelling by using videos or audio. 

Case study

This is an in-depth study of how your product or services was applied or used in real-time. An example is when a customer uses your service or product and they share how they used it, how it helped solved their problem and how they have become since they started using your services or product.

Your brand could use that information given by the client as content that other customers can interact with if and when they want to understand how your product or service works and how it would work for them at the point they make a purchase.

Use content marketing to educate and provide valuable information that will make you an authority and eventually prompt your target audience to make the buying decision.

If you need help with curating content for your brands in whatever form, click here, fill the form and let’s hop on a call to establish how your brand can use content to stamp its authority and drive sales.

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